Remember to Use Your Planner – 4 Quick Strategies

I often write about planning your day, capturing to do lists and identifying which planner will work best for you.  In fact, that has been the theme here at My Attention Coach this month!

But there is a problem…

If you don’t actually remember to use your planner, it will do no good.  It will provide no value whatsoever!  Today I want to provide some tips for remembering to use your planner.

Consistent Location

Keep your planner in the same place every single day.  It might be the uncluttered corner of your desk at the office and the table in your hallway at home.  Especially if your planner is small and/or you keep everything on your phone, make sure that you use a consistent pocket of your briefcase, purse or backpack.

Schedule It

Set an appointment for yourself every day to remind you to look at your planner.  Even better if you open it up and review it!  You could either set the appointment for the same time or change the times to keep things more engaging for you.

Visual Reminder

Creative?  Draw a picture that represents your planner and post it both at home and at work.

Not so creative?  Find a picture online, print it and post it, again both at home and at work.


Identify some type of symbol that will act as a reminder to use your planner.  For example, you could tie a red ribbon around your favorite pen, buy a special picture for your office, or purchase a small plant.  When you do something like this, set the intention by saying aloud, “whenever I see the __________, I will remember to use my planner.”  Repeat this positive statement at least 5 times initially.  Then say it once whenever you think of it.



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