Are you fed up with…July 2014IMG_0727, 5x7

  • always running late?
  • frantically moving between tasks?
  • your inability to focus?
  • other ADHD challenges?

The ADHD coaching and other resources available here at My Attention Coach will allow you to…

  • arrive on time.
  • get things done at a better pace.
  • focus on priorities.
  • overcome many other ADHD challenges.

Here at My Attention Coach, I help people pay attention and become more productive.  We have so much overwhelming us that focus is the key to excellence in today’s hectic world.  To get started register above to receive your free guide.

I am Laura Rolands, the founder of My Attention Coach. 

My passion is to help you  overcome your attention  challenges.  If you struggle with time management, organization, focusing and other challenges related to ADHD, I can help!  Whether you are interested in ADHD coaching, attention coaching, workshops or learning more about ADHD, you will find a wealth of resources here.

Interested in learning more?  Contact me with your questions!

A variety of goals that can be identified and addressed through coaching.  Specific goals and action plans are established during coaching sessions.  Coaching helps clients stay accountable to their action plans through regular contact with their coach.

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