Simple Project Management

Do you get overwhelmed by projects?   Is it difficult to get started?   This can happen to anyone whether you have ADHD or not although ADHD can make it even more difficult.  I recently had an experience like this when integrating my website and blog.   I read a great book by Sandra De Freitas (see that gave me all the information I needed, yet I was still unsure of the first step to take.  I was also getting stressed.  I kept thinking that it should be simple, yet it did not seem simple at all.

Then it dawned on me.   This was a project and I needed to manage it as such!  Of course not all projects are this simple, but these principles can be applied to many school, work and home projects.

First, I started by listing everything I needed to do in the transition.   I did this over a couple days to ensure I did not leave anything off the list.

Second, I decided the order in which the tasks needed to be done.   I adjusted the order later, but it really helped to prioritize from the beginning. 

Third, I put a date next to each task and commit to a start date.  One task each day.   This revelation is what made my project easy to start.  Most items took me 5-10 minutes each day and two weeks after starting, I have a new site and am adding features through the beginning of next week.

What project do you need to start?  Let us know here and keep us updated on your progress!  Good luck!

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