Interview with the Online Association of Brain Trainers

Join Colleen Bain, MAED and me as we discuss ADHD at the Online Association of Brain Trainers.

  • Thursday, March 8, 2012
  • 7pm eastern (6pm central, 5pm mountain, 4pm pacific)

We will discuss the following:

  •  What makes productivity difficult for adults and children with ADHD
  • The best known strategies to keep students with ADHD productive in school
  • Successful ways adults can increase productivity at work
  • How families can become more productive at home.
  • How can teachers help students with ADHD be more productive at school?

To register:  go to the Online Association of Brain Trainers

The Online Association of Brain Trainers was founded by Colleen and it’s primary mission is to

The primary mission of the Online Association of Brain Trainers (OABT) is:

“to provide a central online community where parents, teachers and professionals using or interested in brain training can connect, communicate and collaborate around the awareness, education, and services of brain training and how it relates to the transformation of students into independent learners.”

I’m looking forward to the interview and hope you will join us!


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