Self-Advocate in College when you have ADHD

Are you going back to college this fall or just starting?  Do you have ADHD?  Other time management or attention-related concerns?  It is important that you self-advocate for yourself!  This will help set you up for a successful semester.  

In college, you have less outside structure than you did in high school.  If you are starting college, this will, of course be new for you and you may want to think about how to create structure for yourself.   A few ideas to get started with self-advocating are listed below…

  • If you have been diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability, contact the disability services office on your campus.  If you aren’t sure of the name at your school, just search for disability services and the name of your school.
  • Talk to your professors and teaching assistants about the support that you need.  Even if you have accommodations from the disability services office, conversation with professors and teaching assistants will ensure a common understanding among everyone.
  • Consider your learning style and how you can maximize your strengths in school.

For more information about self-advocating, I recommend “Self Advocacy for College Students” on

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