2011 Virtual AD/HD Conference®

As I have mentioned recently, I’ll be presenting at this year’s 4th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference® along with 22 other AD/HD experts.

For More Information:  http://bit.ly/ADHDconference

The Virtual AD/HD Conference is a unique event that brings top resources in AD/HD directly to you. The truth is that sometimes physical conferences just aren’t practical for the people who need them the most. And that’s where the Virtual AD/HD Conference comes in.

The conference brings together an international community of people affected by AD/HD, including adults, parents, spouses/partners, doctors, therapists, advocates, coaches, counselors, and many more.

You can learn more about the conference, review the full conference agenda, and read testimonials from people who have attended here: http://bit.ly/ADHDconference

Here are 5 reasons why I recommend attending the Virtual AD/HD Conference:

  1. You’ll access top resources in the world of AD/HD from the comfort of your own home or office.
  2. You’ll get the latest information and strategies on the most important topics in AD/HD. The conference topics cover everything from children to adults, from parenting to marriage, and from alternative treatments to medication management.
  3. You’ll connect with a supportive group of your peers. The conference is attended by hundreds of people who understand the challenges of AD/HD.
  4. You’ll participate at your own pace. You can choose to attend the sessions live, or you can download the presentations later. The presentations and materials are available online for 3 months after the close of the conference.
  5. You’ll skip the costs and hassles of traveling to a conference. The Virtual AD/HD Conference is cost efficient because it removes the need for hotels, airports, babysitters, and expensive restaurant meals.

The Virtual AD/HD Conference takes place October 3-6. I think the conference is a great opportunity to connect with your peers and get all the tools you need to succeed from the top experts in the world of AD/HD. I hope you’ll consider joining me there!

Once again, you can learn more about the conference, review the full conference agenda, read testimonials from people who have attended here:  http://bit.ly/ADHDconference

Let me know if you have any questions about the conference!

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