How can you increase productivity at home with ADHD?

Productivity at home?

Productivity is usually something we think about related to work, but it can be a challenge at home too.  Especially when you include ADHD in the mix.  From paying bills to doing dishes to getting ready for the day, it can all get overwhelming if you have ADHD.  You can learn more by listening to my discussion with Virtual AD/HD Conference Founder and Director Jennifer Koretsky.

Listen here:  Virtual AD/HD Conference Podcast Series

Strategies are Critical

Developing strategies that work for you can help you to increase your productivity at home if you have ADHD.  Join me on October 6, 2011 at 3:45pm as I teach a session at the 2011 Virtual AD/HD Conference to help you identify and develop those strategies.  Check out the conference schedule to learn more about the conference and individual sessions.  This conference is highly valuable and I hope you can join us!

What strategies do you use to increase your productivity at home?

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