Practical ADHD Strategies – Time Management @ Home

Do you struggle with time management at home?  Are you rushing to get out of the house at the last minute?  Listen in to my Blog Talk Radio show as I share practical tips to help adults with ADHD manage their time at home.  The show is 15 minutes – a small investment of time to manage the rest of it better!


Listen to internet radio with Laura Rolands on Blog Talk Radio

ADHD causes challenges with time management and Laura has some great strategies that you can start implementing as soon as the show ends.

Need some additional assistance with your Time Management?  Consider joining me and ADD Classes for the Adult ADD Time Management Intensive in January 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Practical ADHD Strategies – Time Management @ Home

  1. Great talk! Too bad that I started checking my emails after the first minute, and I skimmed through two other articles before I got to the planning part. ADHD rocks :)