Math Tutor: Troy, Michigan

Need a Math Tutor?

If you or your child are in need of a math tutor, please consider contacting Jennifer Taylor.  Jennifer Taylor has been teaching mathematics at the honors and remedial level for 25 years in the Troy School District.  She lives in Troy and thrives on helping her students reach their highest potential in mathematics.  Students of all calibers have found success working one on one with Mrs. Taylor.  Mrs. Taylor has flexible evening hours and can work with students either at a local public library or their own home for tutoring.  Jennifer Taylor takes pride in helping her students build the confidence they need to feel successful in math and to learn to enjoy it at the same time!  Math really can be fun, and the proper coaching can make all the difference.

Call Jennifer Taylor to schedule regular weekly sessions to help bring your child up to par in class, or to challenge them to extend their mathematical, critical and logical thinking.  Temporary coaching for Mid Term Assessments and spring ACT testing is also available.  If now is not the right time, summer math review sessions are also a great idea!  Keep me in mind for your future needs.  Times fill up quickly, so call today!  586-994-5071. Sessions run $50-$60 depending on travel location and range from 60-90 minutes.  Group sessions are also available if a study group would like some coaching for exams!!  Cost per student per session is lowered based on the number of students in the session.  Maximum of 5 students per group session.

Contact Information: 586-994-5071, email:
Location:      Troy Public Library or as arranged
Subjects:      Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, ACT Preparation

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