Improve Time Management and Organization Skills: Categorize

If you have challenges with your time management and organization skills, categorizing will help to ensure you spend time in high priority areas.

Main Categories

Identify the main categories of work and family priorities in your life.  These categories will depend on the nature of your work and family responsibilities as well as the amount of time under your own control.

Time Required

Decide how much time you need to spend in each of the categories.  Consider standing meetings, appointments already scheduled and the amount of time available.  When I recently went through this exercise, I was careful to add in all of my children’s activities and school schedules.  This helps to avoid surprises and missing important events.  Also, remember, just because there are 24 hours in each day does not mean you can schedule work activities in all them!

Enter all of your standing meetings into your calendar.  When you are getting started, I recommend using my Weekly Planning Snapshot to help you track your time.

Where do you need to focus?

Look at the remaining time you have available and identify how many hours you can spend on each of your remaining categories.  Note this at the bottom of the Weekly Planning Snapshot.

Schedule Your Time

Make appointments with yourself to spend time on your areas of focus.  Check the amount of time to make sure you are focusing on your priorities and requirements.

Review and Do It Again

In order to improve your time management and organization skills, you need to review your progress at the end of the week and start the process for next week.

If you have any questions or any feedback, please let us know here.  We will answer your questions and provide additional information in the future.

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