Using Routines and Checklists to Manage Your Day

Join me for this helpful (and free!) webinar hosted by Attention Deficit Disorder Resources at on January 22nd at 9pm eastern (6pm pacific).

Routines and checklists can help you easily manage your days, but it is easy to get overwhelmed trying to do too much at one time.  ADHD can make it difficult to efficiently finish (and even start) everyday tasks.  During this webinar, I will be sharing strategies, tricks and techniques that have been helpful for my clients when trying to make their routines more manageable.

During this webinar, you will learn…

  • Why routines and checklists can help maintain calm and increase productivity (and time for fun).
  • How routines can make an impact for you on a daily basis – from getting ready in the morning to paying your bills!
  • Simple strategies to implement routines and checklists in your everyday life!

Register today at Attention Deficit Disorder Resources:

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