Goals: Mid-year Tune Up

Corporations often set a requirement for employees to review their goals and career development plans in the middle of the calendar year.  It is intended to maintain focus on goals and help ensure success.  Employees meet with their managers to check in on progress and develop action plans to help them move towards their goals.  When I was working in Human Resources, we called this a “mid-year tune up”.  I like the analogy of a tune up to make sure things keep moving and working properly.

I think the idea of a tune up mid-year is a great idea for everyone and especially for anyone who has ADHD.  If you have a tendency to overcommitt, now is a perfect time to regroup and set the course for a productive close to 2010.  Do you tend to lose focus on your priorities during the year?   Take time to refocus on the priorities that mean the most to you.

Pull out your goals or resolutions that you made for 2010.  They can be personal, family and/or business goals.  Review your goals and first note the progress you have already made.  Take a moment to reflect and celebrate!  This is a step that is easy to skip, but I recommend that you take it seriously.  You need to give yourself credit for what you have accomplished.

Review your goals to see what else you need to put in place to achieve your success.  Identify action steps that you can take in the next week to move you forward.  If due dates have passed, set new deadlines that are more realistic.  Are there any goals that no longer seem relevant?  Get rid of them!  (Decluttering at its best!)  Are there new goals you need to implement?  By formalizing them and setting action steps, you can increase your chances of staying on track and achieving your goals.

Check in with us here and let us know how you will review your goals and plan for success.  We are here to help!  Wishing you a successful second half of 2010.

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