Goal Setting 101

What resolutions did you set at the beginning of 2011?  Which of those resolutions are related to your ADHD?  I prefer goals to resolutions as you probably know.  Clear goals that use the SMART acronym do more to move you towards success than any number of New Years resolutions.

Take some time to review your goals or to set some new ones.  Whether it is getting organized, staying focused, starting a new project or something else that I have not contemplated, you owe it to yourself to get focused.

To start, take some time today to make sure your goal is SMART.

  • Specific
    • Making goals specific give you a better idea of where you are headed.
    • Take the example of getting organized.  Saying I want to be better organized might move you in the right direction, but saying that you want to clear all of the extra clutter from the file drawers in your home office is likely to motivate you more.
  • Measurable
    • When you set your goals, make sure you can measure them.
    • Having measurements lets you keep track of whether or not you achieve your goals.
  • Attainable
    • Goals need to be attainable.  Many times, when talking to clients, I learn that their goals are often set in a manner that makes them unachievable.  As you  know, this can be frustrating.  When looking at your goals, look at them to make sure they are attainable.  If not, break them into smaller steps.
  • Realistic
    • You must be realistic when setting your goals. If ADHD tends to make you impulsive, it is especially important for you to focus on setting realistic goals. When you set goals, double-check to make sure you are being realistic.
  • Timely
    •  When you have ADHD, it is important to set timely goals with deadlines to help you keep focus on the goals.
    • To reinforce the deadlines you set for yourself, I recommend that you write them down in your planner or calendar.

To learn more about goal setting strategies, register for the teleclass I am offering in August with my coaching colleague Dale Davison.  Goals and ADHD: Practical Strategies that Work for You!

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