6 ADHD Coaching Strategies: The recording is here!

Last week, I offered a teleclass to share 6 ADHD Coaching Strategies. So many people ask me how ADHD coaching works that I wanted to share some strategies to illustrate some of the strategies I use as an ADHD Coach.

If you were not able to listen to the teleclass, I hope you’ll have some time to listen to the recording of Recording: 6 Strategies to Apply ADHD Coaching Techniques.

I shared the following strategies that you can apply to your work, family and personal goals:

  1. Ask Insightful Questions:  For more information, check out my post titled Ask Insightful Questions – Just Like a Coach!
  2. Practice Active Listening
  3. Focus on what works for YOU
  4. Build in accountability for yourself
  5. Build structure into your daily life
  6. Plan – even if only for a few minutes each day.

After you have a chance to listen to the call, leave us a comment with your feedback.  Hope you enjoy it!

Recording: 6 Strategies to Apply ADHD Coaching Techniques

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