Morning ADHD Productivity

Mornings and ADHD

Mornings are often difficult with ADHD.  Whether you have a hard time getting out of bed, take longer than you would like to get ready or have other morning challenges, I recommend that you do what you can to protect your mornings. Author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy refers to the “magic hour” after you get up—a time to protect yourself from the news and other distractions and concentrate on your day:

What you are going to accomplish and exactly how you are going to do it.

Many experts report that most people are naturally more creative and energetic in the mornings.  If this is true for you, you may want to apply yourself to your most challenging tasks first and saving the routine tasks until later in the day as recommended by Julie Morgenstern’s in Never Check Email in the Morning.


One way to capitalize on this morning time is to make a routine for yourself.  I do mean you, not just your kids.  You can learn more about morning routines by reading Making Routines Work as an Adult.

How can you make tomorrow morning more productive?




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