Have ADHD / ADD? My 5 Favorite Articles on Getting Organized

Are you overwhelmed by your disorganization?  Does it feel like you can never dig out of the paper pile?  Below, I am sharing my 5 favorite organization articles here at My Attention Coach for adults and students with ADHD / ADD.

1.  Improve Time Management and Organization Skills: Categorize

Categorizing can help with both organization and time management by ensuring you spend time in high priority areas.

2.  Are you Disorganized or Unorganized?

Take small steps for big success if you are disorganized or unorganized.  The tips in this article can help you avoid the overwhelm that often comes with getting organized.

3.  Overcome your Disorganized Desk

If you have ADHD, chances are that you have a disorganized desk.  For simple ways to organize your disorganized desk under control, follow the tips in this article.

4.  Start a Tickler File to Get Focused

ADHD can make it hard to manage all of the paper you get at home and/or work.  This can cause huge challenges with organizing.  Using a tickler file can be a helpful way to gain control of the paper.

5.  How Students With ADHD Can Use Tickler Files to Get Organized

This is a newer concept for me.  This article discusses how students might use tickler files to get organized.

What are your favorite articles on getting organized?

Link to them below so we can all learn.  Thanks!


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