Breaking Down Your Barriers to Success: Identify them!

In my current ADHD group coaching program, we are talking about getting unstuck this week.  I find that clients need to identify their barriers to help them move past something that is causing them to be “stuck”.  In order to break down those barriers, you first need to identify them.  Do you have a goal that you really want to achieve, but feel completely “stuck” and unable to move forward?  Take ten minutes right now and brainstorm what barriers are getting in your way of success.  Do not take time to evaluate whether the barriers are accurate – you are just brainstorming today!  If you find it hard to get started, look at it from different perspectives.  What barriers would the following people see:

  • best friend
  • co-worker
  • spouse
  • significant other
  • kids
  • parents
  • siblings
  • pets – sure, they might have an opinion!

What barriers did you identify?  Let us know in the comments section.  Check back tomorrow for the next step to breaking down your barriers!

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