Instructor: Alan Brown

Underachievement and overwhelm are probably the two words most associated with adult with ADD / ADHD and their jobs. The potential is there…the brains are there…the ideas and the will are there. But we often can’t get out of our own way, thanks to our ADD / ADHD. And as research sadly shows, we are likely to see slower advancement and lower lifetime earnings as a result.

In this presentation Alan will share a range of strategies that will help Adults with ADD / AHD Escape Overwhelm. This will be a uniquely engaging and original presentation, with none of the typical “Use color-coded folders!” tips. And as someone who has seen both sides of career fortunes – going from below-average career advancement despite hard work and long hours, to vice president and employee of the year at the nation’s largest ad agency, to co-founding and building a successful internet start up that was sold for over $10m – he can attest to the effectiveness of these strategies.

Listen over the telephone or internet!

*You will be able to listen to a free replay until 7/15/2014.

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Date: July 8, 2014
Time: 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EDT
Event: Free Teleseminar at
Topic: 5 Powerful Strategies to Escape the Overwhelm at Work, Home and School
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Free Templates for Business Owners

I’m excited to let you know about an amazing TEMPLATE giveaway event – Templates-A-Palooza – happening throughout the month of July!  There are a ton of free templates from industry experts on business management and online marketing that are just waiting to be snapped up!

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Many of my clients own their own businesses and I’m always looking for resources to help them save time.  When you’ve got a template to follow, setting up your online business management and marketing systems becomes a cinch!

Just some of the templates you’ll find over at Templates-A-Palooza:

  • Teleclass Planner
  • Marketing Message Templates
  • Customized Weekly Schedule Template
  • Create Your Signature Talk Step-by-Step
  • Choosing Your Planner template guide

The Templates-A-Palooza event happens only once a year, so head on over now to grab yours before they disappear.

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Impulse Buyer? Create a list!

One of my clients graduated from college recently.  She has a great idea about how to plan for shopping trips for toiletries that will also help curb impulse purchases.  First, she will make  an electronic list of everything she buys on a regular basis like toothpaste.  She’ll include the brand and specific product name she typically purchases.  Then she will print the list when she goes shopping and highlight the items she plans to buy.  This strategy will help her remember what she needs and help resist the urge to make impulse purchases while at the store.  How can you apply this strategy to your shopping?

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Breaks Increase ADHD Productivity

In the current Adult ADD Time Management Intensive, participants recently asked me about taking breaks.  I thought it might be helpful to share some tips here.  Key items that commonly arise when talking about breaks are…

  • Why take breaks?
  • What types of breaks help, instead of hinder, productivity.
  • How to refocus after a break.


It can sometimes feel like you need to work non-stop to be productive.  This is especially true when you have procrastinated on a certain project or significant task.  In reality, breaks can help recharge you when you are getting tired and refocus you when you are losing focus for the task at hand.  When planning your day, I recommend making time for breaks.

What types?

Some breaks are counterproductive and keep you from your task at hand.  I do not recommend breaks that involve TV, video games, Facebook, Twitter or reading a book.  Anything that can absorb your focus and keep you away from your work is not helpful in the long run.

Breaks that are helpful involve giving your mind a break, moving your body and getting some nourishment.  Ideas include…

  • Take a brisk walk
  • Get a glass of water
  • Do some jumping jacks
  • Go through a few yoga poses
  • Stand up, stretch and take 10 deep breaths
  • Run in place


Set a timer when you start your break as a reminder that you need to get back to work.  Also before your break, write or type a reminder note so you know where to start when the break is over.  When you sit down to work again, take a couple of deep breaths and get ready to work again.  You’ll be refreshed and ready to go!

Take a minute and share your favorite ways to take breaks in the comments below.  Have any questions?  Let me know!



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What apps help with ADHD?

I recently had the opportunity to interview Eric Tivers about some of his favorite apps to manage productivity with ADHD.  He started with an excellent point that when thinking about productivity and project management, the basics need to be in place first before we focus too much on the wide variety of apps that are available.

Once the basics are in place, three apps that he recommends are:

  • Priority Matrix
  • Calendars 5
  • Simple Minds

Listen to this episode of Practical ADHD strategies below:

Popular Self Help Internet Radio with Laura Rolands on BlogTalkRadio

In addition to these apps, I highly recommend using the banking app from your bank.  You can save time by depositing checks, transferring money and checking balances.

What are your favorite apps for managing productivity?  Share them below.

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