What is attention-related coaching?

Attention-Related Coaching is a process of partnering with adults, teens or children who experience attention-related challenges in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to establish clear goals and maximize the potential to reach those goals.


Attention-related challenges include: 

  • Social issues due to impulsivity
  • Hyperactivity
  • Late or missed tasks
  • Time management challenges
  • Project management struggles
  • AD/HD or ADD


At each stage of the process, client needs are be addressed by coaching sessions, brief check-in sessions and e-mail correspondence.  Coaching sessions and check-in sessions are typically done over the phone.  


Contact LSR Coaching and Consulting, LLC to schedule a complimentary session and learn how coaching can help you or your child!  


What other questions do you have about attention-related coaching?  Enter them in the comments section and we’ll cover your questions in a future post.


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Launching New Careers

Many colleagues and friends have recently asked me how I made the transition from being an HR professional in the automotive industry to becoming an Attention Coach who specializes in helping people overcome challenges related to ADD, AD/HD or other attention-related challenges.  A key factor was to identify my mission, interests and strengths.  My mission is to support, lead and inspire independence and success for people who have either been diagnosed with ADD or AD/HD or who are facing other attention-related challenges.  

I identified these key factors with coaching, support and encouragement from Career Coach Maggie Mistal.  Maggie recently asked me to write a guest post on her blog to describe more about my experience and share my advice for others in a similar situation.  Please visit my guest post on Maggie’s blog which is scheduled to be published later today.

Have you faced and addressed challenges and transitions in your career?  Please share your success stories here.  Have you hired a coach or utilized other supporters in your life to help you rise to the challenge?  What would YOU recommend to others?

Thank you for your interest in My Attention Coach!  Be sure to visit our website for more information.

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LSR Coaching and Consulting Announces our New Blog!

Welcome Guests!  I am very excited to launch the My Attention Coach blog.  I’ll be sharing tips and techniques to help you overcome attention challenges such as AD/HD and ADD, announcing workshops and working to provide  you with valuable information!  Please let me know what topics you would like covered here and I’ll work to include them!

For starters, I would like to share some tips from my workshop “Turmoil to Tranquility:  Tools for Keeping on Track” held at the Troy Chamber of Commerce on May 1, 2009.  

  • Make sure GOALS are specific and measurable.
  • ACTION PLANS should consist of small, achievable steps.
  • REWARD yourself!
  • Allocate time each week for PLANNING.  Start small and check your progress!

We discussed many more tips and generated a lot of great discussion.  Thank you to all of the participants!  Your participation was inspiring.

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