Start a Tickler File to Get Focused

ADHD can make it hard to manage all of the paper you get at home and/or work.  Using a tickler file can be a helpful way to gain control of the paper.

  • First you will need an accordion folder with numbered tabs 1 – 31.
  • When you receive a new piece of paper that is time sensitive, write the date that you need to take action on the top of the paper.  For example, if I get a bill that is due on February 10th, I would write February 8th on top of the paper to ensure I have time to make an electronic payment.
  • File the paper in behind the tab with the corresponding date.  With my bill example above, I will put the paper behind tab 8
  • Check the tickler file once each day to see what paper needs to be handled.

What do you think?  Could a tickler file work for you?

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2 thoughts on “Start a Tickler File to Get Focused

  1. I found that using the file that has both the months and the 31 days together worked well for me. When I stopped using it, that’s when things got chaotic. I am going back to that method to manage the suspenses that I keep missing.