Timely Goals are SMARTer

To achieve more with your goals, you need to make them timely or timelined.  This means setting deadlines.  When you have ADHD, it is important to set timely goals with deadlines to help you keep focus on the goals.  To reinforce the deadlines you set for yourself, I recommend that you write them down in your planner or calendar.  Don’t have one?  Make some time this weekend to get one.

By setting deadlines, you create a sense of urgency to get working on your goals.  How often do you hear someone say they need to get more organized?  If your goal is to get organized and you give yourself no deadline, how will you know when you succeed?  How will you know when to set a new goal?  Worse yet, how will you know if you did not reach your goal?  Without deadlines, you can lose that spark to get you moving and make progress towards your goal.

If you have some goals already set for 2011, take a look at them and make sure you have included a timeline and/or deadline for achieving your goal.

Do you set timing around your goals?  How can I help you with that?

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