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I launched a new Blog Talk Radio show on September 22, 2011.  The show title is Practical ADHD Strategies and I will share 15 minutes of practical strategies that you can apply right away to your ADHD challenges.  Of course, you will be able to listen to updates here, at Blog Talk Radio and eventually on iTunes.  Listen to the inaugural episode below.

Listen to internet radio with Laura Rolands on Blog Talk Radio

In this episode, I share strategies for learning more about ADHD and how it affects you.

What challenges would you like to see addressed on future episodes of Practical ADHD Strategies?

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8 Resources for Setting Goals When You Have ADHD

Effective goal setting is important for everyone.  If you have ADHD / ADD, it is even more critical.  Being clear on where you are headed can help you focus more and improve your effectiveness.  Without this focus, you may have a bigger challenge in achieving your goals.

Below, I have pulled together some of my favorite goal setting articles here at My Attention Coach to provide you a one-stop “shopping” experience.  Let me know your thoughts!

Goal Setting 101

Clear goals that use the SMART acronym do more to move you towards success than any number of New Years resolutions.  This article shares some quick tips to ensure that your goals are SMART.


Set Specific SMART Goals — overcome attention challenges

As you probably already know, the S in SMART goals stands for Specific.  Even though we know that it means, it can still be difficult to make sure a goal is specific.   Read this article for tips.

Measure for SMARTer Goals — overcome your attention challenges

The next element of SMART goals is M – Measurable.  When goals are measurable, we objectively know when we achieve our goals.  Without something to measure, you will never know when you reach your goal, or worse yet, when you do not reach it.

Achievable, Ambitious, ADHD or Attention – what does the A mean in SMART Goals?

The A in SMART goals can really stand for a few different concepts.  I think they all have validity and usefulness for my attention and ADHD coaching clients.  This article explains.  

Be Realistic for SMART goals that get Results

The R in SMART stands for Realistic, and it is so important to be realistic when you are setting your goals. This article will help you to be more realistic!

Timely Goals are SMARTer

To achieve more with your goals, you need to make them timely or timelined.  This means setting deadlines.  When you have ADHD, it is important to set timely goals with deadlines to help you keep focus on the goals.

Review Goals to Get Focused

ADHD can cause trouble staying focused on your goals.  Especially annual goals that are set early in the year.  This article will help you review your goals to help you stay (or get!)  focused.

Prioritizing ADHD Goals

All of your goals are important to you and prioritizing them allows you to focus your valuable time and energy.  When you have ADHD, prioritizing your goals can be extremely difficult, yet it is an important skill to develop.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions below.

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Have ADHD / ADD? My 5 Favorite Articles on Getting Organized

Are you overwhelmed by your disorganization?  Does it feel like you can never dig out of the paper pile?  Below, I am sharing my 5 favorite organization articles here at My Attention Coach for adults and students with ADHD / ADD.

1.  Improve Time Management and Organization Skills: Categorize

Categorizing can help with both organization and time management by ensuring you spend time in high priority areas.

2.  Are you Disorganized or Unorganized?

Take small steps for big success if you are disorganized or unorganized.  The tips in this article can help you avoid the overwhelm that often comes with getting organized.

3.  Overcome your Disorganized Desk

If you have ADHD, chances are that you have a disorganized desk.  For simple ways to organize your disorganized desk under control, follow the tips in this article.

4.  Start a Tickler File to Get Focused

ADHD can make it hard to manage all of the paper you get at home and/or work.  This can cause huge challenges with organizing.  Using a tickler file can be a helpful way to gain control of the paper.

5.  How Students With ADHD Can Use Tickler Files to Get Organized

This is a newer concept for me.  This article discusses how students might use tickler files to get organized.

What are your favorite articles on getting organized?

Link to them below so we can all learn.  Thanks!


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Audio Blog for ADHD / ADD

You probably already know that I love to share strategies to help my readers with their ADHD / ADD challenges.  In addition, I have recently begun listening to Podcasts to learn about everything from ADHD (yes, your coach needs coaches and trainers too!) to marketing to personal inspiration.  So, I decided to take the plunge and start my own Blog Talk Radio show!

The show is called Practical ADHD Strategies and will focus on sharing practical tips to help you with your own ADHD challenges and those of the other important people in your life.  The show will be 15 minutes.  Just enough time to share 1 – 2 valuable tips during each show.  Not enough time to get bored (I HOPE!).

What topics would you like me to cover on my Blog Talk Radio show Practical ADHD Strategies?  Ask and you shall (probably) receive!

I look forward to chatting with you this Thursday at 1pm eastern for our inaugural show.  I’ll post the replay link here at My Attention Coach and you can always find it over at Blog Talk Radio.  “See” you there!

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2011 Virtual AD/HD Conference®

As I have mentioned recently, I’ll be presenting at this year’s 4th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference® along with 22 other AD/HD experts.

For More Information:

The Virtual AD/HD Conference is a unique event that brings top resources in AD/HD directly to you. The truth is that sometimes physical conferences just aren’t practical for the people who need them the most. And that’s where the Virtual AD/HD Conference comes in.

The conference brings together an international community of people affected by AD/HD, including adults, parents, spouses/partners, doctors, therapists, advocates, coaches, counselors, and many more.

You can learn more about the conference, review the full conference agenda, and read testimonials from people who have attended here:

Here are 5 reasons why I recommend attending the Virtual AD/HD Conference:

  1. You’ll access top resources in the world of AD/HD from the comfort of your own home or office.
  2. You’ll get the latest information and strategies on the most important topics in AD/HD. The conference topics cover everything from children to adults, from parenting to marriage, and from alternative treatments to medication management.
  3. You’ll connect with a supportive group of your peers. The conference is attended by hundreds of people who understand the challenges of AD/HD.
  4. You’ll participate at your own pace. You can choose to attend the sessions live, or you can download the presentations later. The presentations and materials are available online for 3 months after the close of the conference.
  5. You’ll skip the costs and hassles of traveling to a conference. The Virtual AD/HD Conference is cost efficient because it removes the need for hotels, airports, babysitters, and expensive restaurant meals.

The Virtual AD/HD Conference takes place October 3-6. I think the conference is a great opportunity to connect with your peers and get all the tools you need to succeed from the top experts in the world of AD/HD. I hope you’ll consider joining me there!

Once again, you can learn more about the conference, review the full conference agenda, read testimonials from people who have attended here:

Let me know if you have any questions about the conference!

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