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You probably already know that I love to share strategies to help my readers with their ADHD / ADD challenges.  In addition, I have recently begun listening to Podcasts to learn about everything from ADHD (yes, your coach needs coaches and trainers too!) to marketing to personal inspiration.  So, I decided to take the plunge and start my own Blog Talk Radio show!

The show is called Practical ADHD Strategies and will focus on sharing practical tips to help you with your own ADHD challenges and those of the other important people in your life.  The show will be 15 minutes.  Just enough time to share 1 – 2 valuable tips during each show.  Not enough time to get bored (I HOPE!).

What topics would you like me to cover on my Blog Talk Radio show Practical ADHD Strategies?  Ask and you shall (probably) receive!

I look forward to chatting with you this Thursday at 1pm eastern for our inaugural show.  I’ll post the replay link here at My Attention Coach and you can always find it over at Blog Talk Radio.  “See” you there!

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