8 Resources for Setting Goals When You Have ADHD

Effective goal setting is important for everyone.  If you have ADHD / ADD, it is even more critical.  Being clear on where you are headed can help you focus more and improve your effectiveness.  Without this focus, you may have a bigger challenge in achieving your goals.

Below, I have pulled together some of my favorite goal setting articles here at My Attention Coach to provide you a one-stop “shopping” experience.  Let me know your thoughts!

Goal Setting 101

Clear goals that use the SMART acronym do more to move you towards success than any number of New Years resolutions.  This article shares some quick tips to ensure that your goals are SMART.


Set Specific SMART Goals — overcome attention challenges

As you probably already know, the S in SMART goals stands for Specific.  Even though we know that it means, it can still be difficult to make sure a goal is specific.   Read this article for tips.

Measure for SMARTer Goals — overcome your attention challenges

The next element of SMART goals is M – Measurable.  When goals are measurable, we objectively know when we achieve our goals.  Without something to measure, you will never know when you reach your goal, or worse yet, when you do not reach it.

Achievable, Ambitious, ADHD or Attention – what does the A mean in SMART Goals?

The A in SMART goals can really stand for a few different concepts.  I think they all have validity and usefulness for my attention and ADHD coaching clients.  This article explains.  

Be Realistic for SMART goals that get Results

The R in SMART stands for Realistic, and it is so important to be realistic when you are setting your goals. This article will help you to be more realistic!

Timely Goals are SMARTer

To achieve more with your goals, you need to make them timely or timelined.  This means setting deadlines.  When you have ADHD, it is important to set timely goals with deadlines to help you keep focus on the goals.

Review Goals to Get Focused

ADHD can cause trouble staying focused on your goals.  Especially annual goals that are set early in the year.  This article will help you review your goals to help you stay (or get!)  focused.

Prioritizing ADHD Goals

All of your goals are important to you and prioritizing them allows you to focus your valuable time and energy.  When you have ADHD, prioritizing your goals can be extremely difficult, yet it is an important skill to develop.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions below.

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