Overcome Time Management Challenges (part 2)

Did you decide to implement any tips from the last post?  What is working?  Do you need some reminders?  Let us know in the comments section below.


Last week I talked about the importance of planning and prioritizing.  Today, I will to share some tips specifically geared towards our digital world.  Many people, not just those with ADHD, are experiencing electronic overload these days.  Too many places to go online, too many emails and too many devices… just too much!

  • When working on an important task or you are on the phone, close your email and internet connections to minimize distraction.   Better yet, move away from your computer or close it if you have a laptop.
  • Schedule your social media time and track how you spend your time on social media.  
    • While I’m not a marketing expert, I realize how valuable social media can be.  
    • I also understand how distracting it can be when one of your friends starts a fun conversation on Twitter. 
    • Discover what balance is productive to you.
  • Commit to checking email only 2 or 3 times per day.  You will get through your email quicker this way and be less likely to spend time on lower priority tasks throughout the day.  
  • Consolidate your devices.  If you are still using a PDA and a cell phone, consider just using a PDA (such as a BlackBerry other tool).  You’ll save money and have fewer items to track as well.

How do you control your electronic overload?  What other time management challenges do you have?  Comment here to let us know!

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