Organize to Get Focused

Does clutter get in your way when trying to focus?

Getting organized can go along way to help you focus.  I know though that if you have ADHD, it can be somewhat overwhelming to get organized.  To help improve your focus and keep the overwhelm away, try starting small.  Is there one area of your desk, kitchen counter, table or other work area that you can start organizing?  Try working on one small area to start and work to organize it for a short time.  If 15 minutes sounds reasonable, set a timer and get organizing.  If that sounds too long, start with 10 minutes – or even 5!

Where do you need to organize?

Let us know here and share ideas that will help your fellow readers!

Have a productive day!

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2 thoughts on “Organize to Get Focused

  1. We all organize so differently. The first thing I had to learn to do was to get rid of the belief that there is only one or two ways to organize thoughts, ideas, papers, notes etc.

    I can’t even count the number of books, on organizing, that sat on my shelf because the authors did not understand that ADHD is a unique brain wiring that requires an ability to be open-minded about organizing things. It can not be based on standard concepts and systems designed for everyone to follow.

    I learned that in certain situations, I was very visual so I used mind maps to organize my ideas one project at a time using key words and visuals. I use a mind-map software program you can try for free for a few weeks to see how you like it at:

    When I needed to capture thoughts that bombarded me, I needed voice activated software to verbalize them into my headset so the words and ideas, stuck in my head, would be displayed on my computer screen. I could finally see the patterns of my thoughts and how they fit into categories that made sense.

    Until I learned that organizing many of the things stuck in my mind needed a platform/place I could process and observe their patterns, trying to organize them would just be an exercise in futility.

    Well, for me focusing on one “piece” at a time gives me “peace” all the time. However, only when I embrace my unique way of processing and organizing my world.

    Over the years, my ADHD clients have learned to embrace their unique way of organizing things and it has empowered them to create systems that are organized the way their brains work.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas David. It is so important to learn what works for us as individuals. Thanks again!