Making Routines Work as an Adult

Are mornings a struggle for you?  I’m not talking about the struggles that we have with our kids.  I’m talking about the ones we have with ourselves.  If you work long hours, stay up late or have ADHD, chances are that getting ready in the morning can be a challenge.  The reasons can be varied such as losing focus or being overly tired.  I recently decided I need a morning routine; I have too much going on to waste time in the morning!

For starters, last week I tracked how much time I typically spend on various tasks in the morning.  Wow, I learned that I waste a lot of time on some activities!  This week, my goal is to shorten the amount of time I spend getting ready.  I will use this tracking document to get started:  Morning Routine Time Tracking.  I included the steps in my routine and also included a blank chart on page two so you can insert your own steps.

Do you need to move through your mornings faster?  You might want to try working out a morning routine for yourself.  I’ll be sharing my progress here and would love to hear about yours.  Good luck!

Update:  Here is my morning routine with times inserted.

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2 thoughts on “Making Routines Work as an Adult

  1. What a great topic! I take an insane amount of time to get ready in the morning and I can never quite figure out why. Keeping a time chart is something I never thought about doing.

  2. I used to be one of those, struggling and waisting time in the mornings. Now I am more orderly, therfore also productive in the early house, get a lot of thing done by just getting up earlier then the family! I can only recommend this to others!