2017 ADHD Awareness Expo

Free videos and a digital goody bag!

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with ADHD, love someone affected by ADHD or simply want to learn more about ADHD it can be extremely daunting to discover the sheer volume of information that’s out there and available to you.

That’s why one of the voices of the ADHD population on the internet created the ADHD Awareness Expo – a virtual gathering of ADHD Experts, professional ADHD coaches, service providers and authors, gathered all in one virtual space to make your information gathering as easy as heading to a department store.

The 8th annual ADHD Awareness Expo was held the week of October 1st through October 7th.  It was  held virtually and the videos are still posted through the end of October!  With over 30 videos, I’m sure you will find useful information.  You’ll see one from me on essential oils.

There is even a digital goody bag with lots of free downloads.

I’d love to “see” you there! Just follow the link to register and claim your free spot to attend.


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