Turmoil to Tranquility: Tools for Women to Stay on Track; Woodlawn Church; Royal Oak, MI

1:00 to 3:30 p.m.  $7.00 per person 

  • Do you miss deadlines or assignments due to disorganization?
  • Do you have trouble managing your time at home or work?
  • Do you notice your child exhibiting similar behaviors?

 This seminar will help you to:

  • Identify challenges.
  • Avoid missing deadlines.
  • Help your child develop academic and social solutions.
  • Become more organized.
  • Learn how to establish time-saving routines.
  • Support your child with a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD.
  • Develop a customized goal and action plan that can be implemented immediately.
  • Receive a free coaching session during the workshop. 

Participating in this workshop will help you and your child(ren) learn creative and inspirational techniques to maximize your potential.  Each person will leave the workshop with an action plan tailored to one of their specific goals.  

Register for this workshop at Woodlawn Church’s website.

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