Race the Clock to Overcome Procrastination with ADHD / ADD

If you find yourself procrastinating about household chores and responsibilities, make a game of things and play race the clock.  You can play with family members, roommates or even by yourself. If you have ADD or ADHD, this can be especially helpful in getting a bit of adrenaline moving in your system.

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate doing the dishes. Left to my own devices, dishes would probably pile up for weeks.  Of course, I can’t let this happen.  When it is time to do the dishes, I usually need to set a timer for 10 minutes and see how much I can get done in order to motivate myself to get started on doing the dishes. I am always surprised by how little time it can take when I really have fun with this strategy.

If you have kids, it can be tremendously helpful in getting them moving as well. I think it is the adrenaline that helps here.  Setting the timer to get the family room clean can be really motivating for them.  It is fun and they know it will end soon!

You could even implement this strategy at work, but be careful to keep an eye on quality.  I would hate to hear that a report was botched due to “Race the Clock”!

How can you implement “Race the Clock” at your house?


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