Learning about ADHD

Learn more about ADHD to better manage ADHD.

This seems to come naturally for parents of children with ADHD, but it is equally important for adults who have (or suspect they have) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  When you learn more about ADHD, , you can best evaluate how to manage it.  You will also be able to learn best practices that others use.  Below I have compiled some of my recommendations.

Some general tips

  • Check your sources.  Be sure they are based in sound research principles.
  • Beware of extremes, especially when sources are talking about “cures”.  I recently saw an article that claimed to share the “cure” to ADHD and it really concerned me.  I do not like to see people being misled.  There is not a “cure” for ADHD, but there are many different options to managing ADHD.  Remember, if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is!
  • Stay current.  Research regarding ADHD is ongoing so we can learn new information over time.

Recommendations for Educating Yourself about ADHD

Below, you will find a few options for educating yourself about ADHD.  Please check them out and add your suggestions in our Comments section.

What are your favorite ways to learn about ADHD?

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2 thoughts on “Learning about ADHD

  1. Love this list of resources. One of the best books for learning about ADHD and organizing is ADD Friendly Ways to Organize. Whether it is paper or stuff, there are great ideas for making a difference.