Cogmed: Improving Working Memory

Working memory challenges are common with ADHD and an intervention called Cogmed Working Memory Training (TM) can improve working memory in children and adults.

What is Working Memory?

Briefly, working memory is our ability to keep information in our mind in the short term and utilize it to complete tasks.  It is important at all ages and is used in tasks such as completing math problems in our head, completing homework, focusing during a conversation or presentation, organizing materials and getting to appointments on time.  For example, when someone forgets instructions when they leave a room, a working memory deficit may be at issue.  For more specific examples of working memory please go to

How does Cogmed Working Memory Training (TM) work?

Cogmed Working Memory Training (TM) is a home-based computer program that participants purchase from a qualified Cogmed practice and use in their own home for five weeks with the support of a Cogmed certified coach.  Training is completed five days per week for approximately 30 – 40 minutes at a time.

Cogmed was developed by neuroscientists and combines neuropsychology, game development and psychology in its approach.   The theory that working memory can be improved through targeted, intensive and sustained training has been scientifically proven through independent research studies. 80% of the people who complete Cogmed experience an increase in their working memory.

How can I get started?

I am excited to let you know that I have partnered with Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu of the Center for Neuropsychology, Learning and Development of Oakland County as her Cogmed certified coach.  If you are interested in learning more about Cogmed for you or your child, please contact me (248-251-4006) or Dr. Beaulieu (248-644-9466) for more information and to schedule your initial interview.

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