Time Management – Overcome Your Challenges

Have you read the other posts on time management?  Are you wondering how to make it all work for you?  Whether you hire an attention/ADHD coach or plan to hold your self accountable, I recommend a simple process to reach your time management goals.


First, identify the challenges that cause you the most trouble with time management.  Are you late to meetings, unprepared when you get there or working too late?  I could go on for pages.  What matters most is defining YOUR challenges.


Second, set one goal as a starting point.  Be specific and make the goal measurable.  For example, a goal might be “Consistently get to meetings ready and on time by August 7th.”


Third, develop an action plan.  What small steps can you take to get started?  What tips can you implement from my other posts on time management?  Build in rewards for yourself to stay motivated.


Fourth, take action.  While this may seem the most simple, getting started is often the most difficult step.  Especially if you have ADHD and have trouble initiating tasks, you need to be firm with yourself on this one.  Pick a day that you will start and give yourself a reward for starting. Remember that it typically takes at least 21 days to develop a habit.  Give yourself enough time.


Fifth, measure your success.  Do this in a way that works for you.  Keep a journal, a chart and/or discuss your successes with a friend.  It is important to keep perspective on what you are doing.  Hold yourself accountable.  Consider hiring a coach to keep you on track.


Sixth, keep going and develop new goals.  Maybe you have gotten to all of your meetings in one week on time and prepared.  Make your next goal to maintain that success for the next two months.  Or maybe you are ready to tackle that big project at work now.  Plan your actions and get started.


What are you going to do to improve your time management skills?  Who can help you stay accountable to your plan?  Still have questions?  Leave a comment to let us know!

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