Is coaching right for you?

Have you been wondering whether coaching with My Attention Coach might be a good fit for you?  This is really a question best answered with a consultation.  To give you an idea if it would be a good fit, answer the questions below.  Then contact me to schedule your consultation and make your decision.

Here are the questions first

  • Are you challenged by attention or productivity challenges such as time management, focus, organization, prioritization and initiation?
  • Are you motivated to move forward with any of these challenges?
  • Are you willing to be open with your coach and try new strategies to overcome your challenges?
  • Are you ready to get around to the priorities you have set, but have not accomplished yet?
  • Do you understand that coaching takes time and is not a “quick fix” and takes an investment of time to make it work?

As I mentioned above, these questions can give you an idea of whether coaching is right for you.  If you answered YES to all of them, there is a great chance that you are ready!  If not, let’s talk about it and see whether coaching might be right for you.
To your success,

Laura Rolands, MILR

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