Five Key Strategies to Overcome ADHD Challenges

  • Do you miss deadlines or assignments due to disorganization?
  • Do you have trouble managing your time  at home or at work ?
  • Do you  notice your child exhibiting similiar behaviors?
  • Do you have ADHD or ADD?
  • Would you like to learn about ADHD coaching?

Then, you don’t want to miss this FREE teleclass with me and my ADHD coaching colleagues Dale Davison, Jo Ann Skinner and Dulce Torres. We will teach you about ADHD coaching and how it can help you or your child overcome ADHD and other attention challenges.

This call is for you if you want to learn…

  • The difference between ADHD coaching and counseling.
  • The top 5 coaching strategies you can use to overcome your ADHD challenges.
  • The 3 greatest benefits someone can receive from coaching.
  • The number one success strategy to help you with ADHD.

Sign up today and well send you a recording of the call as well!

Dale Davison is a professional ADHD coach, trained by leaders in the field.  She has a masters degree in Special Education and an extensive background in Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and the emotional overlays that accompany those who have learning differences. She provides positive, strength-based coaching to implement effective and focused strategies, to advance the success of those with time management, task completion and other attention related challenges.

Jo Ann Skinner works as a life coach with a specialization in ADHD.  She coaches both students and adults.  Jo Ann completed ADHD coaching coursework with master coach, Jodi Sleeper Triplett, and life coaching with FastTrack Coaching taught by Susan Sussman and Sheila Kuttner. She is a member of CHADD, ACO, ICF, and IAAC. Jo Ann resides in Northern VA with her family.

Dulce Torres is both a Licensed Professional Counselor and an ADHD Coach.  She completed certified coursework in Coaching Children and Teens and College Students with Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, from JST Coach.  As the director of a School Based Health Center and at her private practice, Dulce devotes her time in working with families, children and adolescents.  Dulce offers workshops, training and consultation on AD/HD, Communication, Assertiveness and Parenting.

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2 thoughts on “Five Key Strategies to Overcome ADHD Challenges

  1. Great article! It’s important that we face these challenges head on to overcome them! Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.