Breaking Down Your Barriers to Success: Identify Solutions!

Yesterday we talked about identifying the barriers to your success.  Take a moment and review that list again today.  What would you add, delete or change?

Your next step is to brainstorm solutions to your barriers.  Take 10 minutes to brainstorm solutions – right now!  Don’t evaluate how hard they will be or how well they will work.  Just write down all of the solutions that enter your mind.

Next, you might need to do some research.  Pick one barrier and spend another 10 minutes searching for solutions on the internet.  Set the timer before you get started and limit your time to just 10 minutes.  If you have ADHD, you know it will be easy to get lost on the internet.

Let us know what solutions you identify and if you need some extra help getting started!  Check back tomorrow for ideas regarding implementation.

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