Free ADHD Teleclass: Got Time? Productivity through Time Management

Tara McGillicuddy has invited me back to lead another free teleseminar at on February 25, 2014 and I hope you will join me!  The title is “Got Time? Productivity through Time Management”.

Register on their site:

Class Description:  ADD / ADHD and time management are a difficult combination and can often come along with missed deadlines, lost focus during meetings or lectures, and working late into the night. Join us for this Teleseminar to learn tools and strategies to manage time and accomplish more during your day.

Participants will be able to identify strategies for reducing interruptions and increasing available time, ways to overcome procrastination and how to increase efficiency by planning ahead and using planners that work for them individually.

Have questions you would like me to address during class?  Just leave me a message in the comments below!


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