Free Bike Give-a-way!


Many children with special needs require an adaptive bike to enjoy the freedom and fun of bike riding. Unfortunately many parents are unable to afford an adaptive bike.Here is your chance to win a free adaptive bike!

Friendship Circle of Michigan has partnered with adaptive bicycle companies to give 15 children with special needs a free adaptive bicycle in a contest called “The Great Bike Giveaway.”

What is Friendship Circle?

Friendship Circle of Michigan is a unique organization that creates friendship in the lives of 3,000 children with special needs by providing over 30 weekly and seasonal programs.

Over the past few months, the folks over at Friendship Circle realized many special children miss out on the childhood joy of bike riding because their physical or cognitive limitations make riding a bicycle near impossible.

For this reason they have created a contest that will enable 15 children with special needs to win a bike. This contest will also enable people to learn more about Friendship Circle and help raise awareness for all children with special needs.

Contest Details

The Great Bike Giveaway is a free contest that is open to all families who have a child (or children) with special needs.

Step One: Submit your photo and caption

  • The Great Bike Giveaway is a Facebook Contest. Visit Friendship Circle of Michigan’s Facebook page to submit a picture of either your child with special needs or a creative picture that portrays “why” your family would like an adaptive bike.
  • Include a caption of 250 characters or less explaining your child needs an adaptive bike.
  • The submission round opens at midnight on April 16th and closes at 11:59pm on May 10th.

Step Two: Vote & Share
  • During the week of May 13th-18th, Friendship Circle of Michigan will display all submissions for a public vote-a-thon.
  • Vote for your submission and share with your friends and family. You can vote once per submission for the duration of the contest.

Step Three: The Winners
  • The top 15 contestants with the highest number of likes at the end of the contest will win their choice of bike (the highest number chooses first, the runner up chooses second and so on).
  • Friendship Circle of Michigan will also choose three “Director’s Choice” winners based solely on the content of their submission, not on the number of votes.

If you are a mother or father of a child with special needs…take a few minutes and join this very exciting, very unique contest. A couple of minutes could win your child a slice of childhood they will cherish forever.

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