Get Focused on Your ADHD Goals

What resolutions did you set at the beginning of 2011?  Which of those resolutions are related to your ADHD?  As you know, I prefer the concept of goals to resolutions.  Clear goals that use the SMART acronym can do more to move you to your successful vision than resolutions that are so easy to declare on New Years Day.

Two months of the year have passed and it is now time to Get Focused on your ADHD goals.  Whether it is getting organized, staying focused, starting a new project or something else that I have not contemplated, you owe it to yourself to get focused.

To start, take some time today to make sure your goal is SMART.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Next, focus on your action steps.  What is ONE step you can take today towards that goal?  Remember, it all starts with ONE step.  Share it here!

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Get Focused on Phone Calls

What phone calls have you been delaying?  Identify at least one today that you can make and check off your to do list today.  This accomplishment might be just what you needed to get focused today.

Can’t think of a phone call you need to make?  Check my list below to double-check before closing this Get Focused reminder!

  • doctor’s appointments
  • school scheduling
  • sick friend
  • family member needing your support
  • tutor appointment
  • dentist appointment
  • orthodontist consultation (this one was on my list for MONTHS! – feels good to have it scheduled)
  • lawn service
  • summer plans

Just pick one and get it done today.  What calls are on your list?  let us know here to help others brainstorm as well.

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