Time Management for the Holidays (Teleseminar Replay)

Did lack of time prevent you from listening to the Time Management for the Holidays teleclass on December 10th?  Cheryl Heppard, of Michigan Health Coach, interviewed me and we both shared some great tips for managing your time, especially at this time of the year.  

Well, I have good news, the Time Management for the Holidays teleclass replay is available for your listening and learning.  Look for the Study Guide soon!

This call is a must for you IF:

  •  You’re feeling stressed about the upcoming holiday
  • You would like to learn more about the process of getting your life and business more organized
  • You’re on the look-out for ideas for a well planned New Year
  • You could use some inspiration and motivation to follow through on any tasks and projects that might presently be on the back burner (or even the front burner!)

 Join us as we share:

  •  How to create more hours in the day for what you need to accomplish
  • How to meet deadlines by eliminating disorganization
  • The importance in choosing the right planner for 2010

Laura and Cheryl will explore these topics as a part of their engaging workshop. Participants will learn strategies and develop solutions to overcome these and other time management challenges.

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3 thoughts on “Time Management for the Holidays (Teleseminar Replay)

  1. I enjoyed listening to the replay on “Time Management”, Laura! A lot of helpful points were made.

    It’s true that “stress zaps energy”. That’s why it is important to have an “organizing buddy” as you recommended, when taking on a home organizing project or any kind of project.

    It’s important to point out that, with regard to home organizing, although friends can be helpful, most people would rather not have a friend see their “personal” papers and clutter. If, however, they enlist help from an unbiased person with whom they are not personally associated, they can “shut the door”, so to speak, at the end of the organizing project, if they choose to, and not see the organizer again.

    In my own experience, many of my clients have found that working with a professional organizer, can be non-threatening and they often contact me later for follow-up advice and as a way to be accountable (another one of your suggestions for following through on a resolution).

    As you know, from your own professional experience, you have more to offer your clients than one of their family members or friends, due to your many years of experience working with people as an Attention Coach.

    Rose Palchesko, Home Organizer
    Jo’s Organizing Services